Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper, November 22, 2016

Partnering with local bars across the nation, Paint Nite( offers a new type of social event where participants can enjoy painting while drinking a glass of wine.

The company was founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurs in the suburbs of Boston, and now has 110 staff members with a revenue of $55 million a year. This past August, it was ranked number two in Inc. Magazine’s annual list of 5000 fastest-growing small and medium-size companies.Every month Paint Nite organizes about 5500 events at 3500 bars in 1500 cities in the U.S. The company’s registered painting event is licensed to 250 “creative entrepreneurs” (CE), who are assigned to specific regions nationwide, and receive 70% of the sales. These CEs work with local artists and art instructors, who host the individual events and help participants complete their artwork in a fun and social atmosphere. The company takes care of maintaining its website, managing online promotions, and preparing art supplies. Paint Nite’s website allows you to select the desired date and location, the type of art you are interested in, and make a payment. The cost ranges between $45-65, including all art supplies. Food and drink can be purchased directly at the venue. Each event starts at 7pm and runs for about two hours.

Everyone works from the same image, so there is no competition as to whose work is better or worse than others. The number of participants ranges from 35 to 80. Most of them are women in their 20s and 30s. This holiday season, the company will start selling gift cards as well. Paint Nite’s intelligent and creative lifestyle business also offers a new revenue source for artists who find it difficult to earn a living from selling their artwork. Setting a win-win business relationship for all those concerned, the company has much potential for future growth.