Arc Media has been generating new business opportunities between US and Asian firms for over 20 years. We have worked in over 20 countries and are still counting. With a strong focus on US and Japanese markets, we facilitate companies’ entrances into new markets and help them accomplish their business goals. We are well known for work in six key industries: content (media), IT, home electronics, entertainment, technology products and high-end lifestyle consumer products.

Arc Media was founded by Mitchie Takeuchi, a US-educated Japanese woman. In its first decade, the company worked extensively on media and content projects for the media and entertainment industries in the US and Japan. Today the company has fostered strong ties across a broad spectrum of industries, yet remains proud of its particularly close relationships with Japanese media and communications companies, think-tanks and leading manufacturers.

We have the experience and insights to identify profitable overseas business opportunities for our clients and the contacts to bring ambitious plans to fruition.