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Published 9/9

The American pet industry has continued to grow in recent years. According to Pet Sitters International (PSI),
the industry generated $332 million in 2014. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates the total U.S. pet industry expenditure to be $62.75 billion in 2016, a 4% increase since last year.


Among all pets, dogs are the most popular, owned by 54.4 million households. While many owners consider their dogs to be family members, they often encounter situations where they need to find a reliable dog sitter right away, because of an unexpected meeting or business trip. 




The Seattle-based Rover and the Los Angeles-based Wag! offer innovative services, connecting dog lovers with dog sitters instantly through their database. These companies allow pet owners to input detailed information, such as where they live, when their dogs need to be cared for, their dogs’characteristics and what to do when walking them. The website then lists potential sitters that match the owners’ criteria, along with the sitters’ past experiences and reviews by other pet owners, making it easier to decide on a suitable sitter.




At Rover, the fee for an overnight dog sitter in New York City starts at $35; a 30-minute dog walker starts at $20. This past August,, the leading American company in the industry which operates Rover, introduced an app that provides instant notifications. Pet owners can receive updates from the sitters about their dogs, or where and for how long they have been walking.


These pet care companies offer convenience and peace of mind to busy professional men and women who are willing to spend any amount of money for their precious pets.