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Death Wish Coffee Co ( roasts, blends, and sells what they claim to be the world’s strongest coffee. The company was created in 2012 in upstate New York. The founder, Mike Brown, worked for the New York State before buying a local café and starting his own business. Hearing everyday from many of his java-loving customers that they wanted a stronger cup of coffee, he spent a few years developing his own blend, and switched his business focus to manufacturing and sales, with a provocative brand name, “Death Wish.”


Death Wish coffee contains twice the caffeine of regular coffee. Their artisan roast, which uses a blend of organically grown and fair-trade coffee beans, is available for purchase online, either as whole beans or ground coffee. Prices range from $19.99 for a one-pound package to $79.99 for a five-pound package.


Death Wish Coffee Package death_cups


Death Wish Coffee was also the winner of “Small Business Big Game,” a competition that Intuit, a company that develops accounting and financial software, has been organizing since 2014 under the brand name, QuickBooks. This competition, which targets small and medium-sized businesses, is based on fan votes. The winner is awarded a chance to put on a free TV commercial during the Super Bowl, which is well known for recording the highest ratings every year. A 30-second air time for this year’s Super Bowl on February 7 was approximately $5 million.

Winner of QuickBooks' Small Business Big Games Competition

Beating out 15,000 companies that entered the competition, Death Wish Coffee got the incredible opportunity to advertise to a total of 111 million viewers. After the Super Bowl, the company’s sales doubled, and requests from supermarkets and gourmet shops have been non-stop. Most of Death Wish Coffee fans are men, especially those who work late at night. Their deep loyalty to the world’s strongest coffee helped the company collect the largest number of votes, which led to its latest success.